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Steph & Ryan Wedding Day

If anyone can appreciate a good theme song it’ll be Stephanie and Ryan; this was one of the amazing couples I got to know this summer. Stephanie a school teacher is one of the kindest, and sweetest people I’ve met, and she looked brilliant. Her bridesmaids were amazing, gorgeous, and ready to get the dance party started at any moment. Ryan, after a rough engagement session; in the middle of allergy season we sat on freshly cut grass; forgave me by the wedding. He was accompanies by two RCMP officers (his groomsmen) all day – so he couldn’t get into too much trouble!

So to set the stage you need to be playing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song in your head… and here we go.

Now, this is a story all about how
Steph & Ryan’s wedding day all went down
And I’d like to take a minute
Hear what I have to say
I’ll tell you all about their amazing wedding day


At the Sheraton hotel it all began nice and steady
When Steph and her girls went to get ready
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all shooting the breeze and chatting about school
When the groom & groomsmen arrived acting all good
Wanting to get the day started as soon as they could
Steph told them to chill out cause she’ll be ready soon
Sent the bridesmaids down to with the love balloon


Ryan was all ready for the first look
Didn’t realize how long this all took
Steph gave him a kiss and she gave him a hug
You can tell Ryan was caught up in Steph like a lightning bug


First class, of course, nothing less
The bridal party enjoying a champagne glass
On our way to Olympic Village to have some photo fun
That’s where the bridal photos get all done.

2015-10-05_0004 2015-10-05_0005


We arrived at the ceremony and when Steph walked down the aisle
There was Ryan who looked completely in love and shows it with a smile
The vows were beautiful
Everyone shed a tear
Steph and Ryan are in love and that was clear.


Before going back in to the limo where the party got started
We took a few more photos at Queen E and then we departed
The day was amazing, the venue no exception
So we got everything together and left for the reception!

2015-10-05_00082015-10-05_0009 2015-10-05_00112015-10-05_0013

The amazing reception took place at Villa Amato
So the ladies of course stopped in for Gelato
The day was full of love and fun all around
The whole wedding was just amazing
Of course the day ended with sparkers blazing.


This beautiful day couldn’t have happened without the amazing and hard work of some incredible vendors.
Hair & Makeup of the bride & bridesmaids by Radiant Beautities.
Day of coordination and decor by Umbrella Events.
Getting ready at Sheraton Wall Hotel
Ceremony at the Celebration Pavillion in Queen Elizabeth Park
Reception at Villa Amato in Olympic Village.



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