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Mountain top engagement

This engagement session is one of my favourite of all time; and it took a long time to setup with the incredible fog that was looming over Vancouver in the beginning of January. Allison had tried to set up a helicopter ride for her fiancé for quite some time. After a few failed attempts in Hawaii due to bad weather, and a few failed attempts in Vancouver due to bad weather; Andrew finally booked the ride and wow was the weather ever beautiful. I think this will be an on going joke well into their long and happy marriage! We met at SKY Helicopters hanger at the Pitt Meadows airport; where Bryce took us over to the helicopter and explained all the safety items. We boarded and were off on an amazing tour of the mountains just north of Pitt River, Pitt Lake and Coquitlam Lake. The helicopter ride was so much fun, the views are breathtaking on this route. We then landed on top of a snowy mountain top. The panoramic mountain top view created a picturesque backdrop for Allison & Andrews love story. It was fun and playful, exploring the 360 views, a snowball fight, a little tackle, and lots and lots of snuggling, canoodling and kissing of course 😉

I hope you enjoy this amazing engagement session.



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