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Coaching for creatives

One of one coaching and consulting for photographer & creatives

This year I am celebrating my 10 year photography business anniversary. I’m very proud of this accomplishment. My experiences over the last decade have given me the opportunity to share and mentor those that are new to the business. Plus, my experience prior to photography in marketing and website design, have together created a unique opportunity. This has given me the ability to share my experience through, mentoring & coaching. I am able to share my creative eye, experience and knowledge of usability. I am offering mentoring for website design reviews, SEO, branding/marketing and of course starting/growing your photography business. In the upcoming months I will be adding to this service by creating PDF downloads to help guide you through 1) creating your first styled shoot 2) designing a styled shoot to fit your brand and many more!

Take some time out of your day and dedicate it to your business website.

I have worked with businesses for over a decade to help them with their online presence. Creating a user friendly, searchable, experience through website design, styling, branding & SEO.

Type of sessions currently offered:
– complete website review with report & consultation
– complete portfolio / gallery review & consultation
– enhancing your current Showit website
– reviewing your website SEO
– kick starting your new Showit website
– creating a consistent brand on your website with your photos
– growing your photography business

– Q&A on whatever you need help with

Mentoring/Coaching sessions currently available via video conferencing.

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  1. Jesi

    January 9th, 2019 at 11:06 am

    This is so awesome!! Congratulations on 10 years! That’s an amazing accomplishment!!

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