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How to keep cool on your wedding day

5 Tips that will keep you cool

With the weather getting hotter and hotter this summer, couples are looking for new ways to keep cool on your wedding day. I’ve compiled a few tips that have worked for us on wedding days to share with you.

keep cool on your wedding day

1. Cooling towels.

When I first brought home a few of these cooling towels my husband laughed at me; figured I got sucked in to buying a useless towels with good marketing.

Keep cool on your wedding day

2. Keep hydrated.

Keeping a cooler with ice and full of water in the car/limo to stay hydrated all day long is super important. Especially if the bridal party is having some adult beverages.

Keeping cool on your wedding day

3. Fans (battery & paper).

Keeping a few fans on hand can help during your ceremony and bridal portraits. Especially a little battery powered one that you can use under your dress, it can get super hot and humid under all those layers of amazing fabric.

Keeping cool on your wedding day

4. Consider a tent.

Outdoor ceremonies can be hot in the mid day sun. Consider putting up an event tent to give your guests some shade. If you’re not able to put up a tent, consider getting some cute white umbrellas for the grandma’s.

5. Create a popsicle bar.

We’ve seen donut bars, hot chocolate bars, why not a popsicle bar?! It would give your guests a bit of a cool treat.

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  1. Misty

    July 25th, 2018 at 10:45 am

    A popsicle bar!!!! That’s basically the greatest idea ever! My second to last wedding had popsicles after dinner and it was great! Love these ideas!

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