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5 Things to put in your wedding details box

I love when brides have their wedding details all ready for me when I arrive the morning of their wedding. I suggests that brides start a details box early in the planning process and then keep adding to it. The photo boxes from Michaels are perfect for this, they are beautiful and can hold all your special things in it.

When you’re starting to plan your wedding day, your colours and what you’re doing to wear, you’ll want to keep pieces of these┬ádetails in your box. Doing this during your planning process will save you a panic right before your wedding day when you realize you don’t have any details for your photographer to shoot!


If you’re using a special ribbon for your bouquet, favours or any part of your details. Keep some of this ribbon in your detail box. It will add a touch of the colour you’re working with and add a romantic touch.


If you are sending out Save The Date cards, Invitations or have any other stationary printed, keep one copy in your box. The morning is the best time to take photos of these details.

Something …

Keep your something old, new, borrowed and blue in your wedding detail box. You don’t want to forget the little details that add a personal touch to your detail shots.

Wedding Rings & Jewelry

I always take photos of the wedding rings first thing in the morning. So I recommend that the bride has all of the rings in the morning. The morning there is the most time to be creative, but it will also be the best light which is key for killer ring shots!


Now you probably won’t be adding your flowers until the last minute but I always recommend to ask the florist for extra flowers for your detail photos that can be cut short and used in lay flat shots.



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