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6 Things your photographer wished you knew

You’ve signed the contract with your wedding photographer. You are all set to have your wedding day photographed, so you can cherish your memories forever. Is there anything that you’re missing, or something that you can do to make the day more efficient for your photographer?

Here are 6 things that your photographer wished you knew before the wedding day.

Talk about your expectations

Have a conversation with your photographer around the time of booking if there are any special photos you would like to see in your gallery. Are you planning a sparkler exit, or would you like a smoke bomb. Make sure to discuss the logistics with your photographer with plenty of time to make a plan.

Start collecting your details early, and keep them together

As you are planning your big day, picking out the perfect ribbon for your bouquet of thank you gifts. Keep some of that stuff in a shoe box for your photographer to use for details shots on your wedding day. You can also include your invitation suite in this box (or send it to your photographer when you send it to the rest of your guests).

Feed your photographer when you’re eating

Ask your photographer where they prefer to be seated on your wedding day. I personally like to have a vendor table out of the way of the rest of the guests but still in the same room so that I can keep an eye on what is going on while taking a short break. When it comes to dinner having your photographer eat at the same time as you is the best bet. That way when you’re done eating they will be done eating and ready to go.

Hire a wedding day planner

The planning is all done. It’s your wedding day, you are sitting in your chair getting ready to have your hair and makeup done. The last thing you want to do is answer a never ending string of texts, calls and email about what is happening at your ceremony and reception setup. Where are the place cards? Where is the DJ supposed to setup? The flowers arrived at the reception instead of the getting ready location? You forgot to arrange cake pickup/delivery. There are a million little things that can and will go wrong on your wedding day. When you hire a wedding day planner (not a venue coordinator) you will not be bothered with any of these tiny little details that will just stress you out.

Create a vendors list

Make it easy for your photographer to tag your other vendors on social media. They will appreciate the tag and the photos. Let your photographer send photos to your other vendors, that way they can send any posting requirements.

Tag your photographer on social media

When you post photos on social media don’t forget to tag your photographer. It is best if you Like their business page, friend them and follow them. It will be easier to tag them.

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