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5 Tips for Planning Your Fall/ Winter Wedding

Fall and winter weddings can be absolutely stunning. Whether you’re embracing the beautiful foliage of fall or the stark beauty of winter, your wedding is sure to have something special. Planning for a wedding during these key seasons, however, can present a few unique challenges. These tips and tricks for planning your fall and winter wedding will allow you to make the most of your special day during these amazing seasons.

Planning your fall and winter wedding

Tip #1: Choose the Timing of Your Ceremony

During the fall and winter, days are shorter–and as a result, you have less time to get that gorgeous outdoor lighting you want for all of your shots. By scheduling your ceremony earlier in the day, you can leave more room for those important photos while still spending plenty of time with your guests. Make sure to check the time for sunset at that time of year when you’re planning your event. You may find that moving the ceremony up by a couple of hours will make a big difference in your available time!

Planning your fall and winter wedding

Tip #2: Schedule Photos Appropriately

Since you know that you’re not going to have a lot of light following the ceremony, consider what photos can be shot before the ceremony. Some couples still follow the tradition of keeping the bride and groom separate prior to the ceremony itself for that amazing ‘first look’ moment as the bride comes down the aisle, while others choose to buck tradition and go ahead and take those important pictures before the ceremony begins. Even if your groom is choosing not to see the bride before the wedding, there are still a wide range of great shots to be had–and taking them before the ceremony will ensure better lighting as well as shortening the delay between ceremony and reception so that you can spend more time with your guests.

Planning your fall and winter wedding

Tip #3: Find an Alternate Indoor Location for Portraits

Work with your venue to discover whether or not you have the option to take photos inside. Many venues will allow you to come in and shoot for an hour or two before the event itself. There may be a fee involved, but it’s a great way to be sure that you’ve got the space you need! You may also find that another local area is the perfect venue for gorgeous wedding shots if the weather doesn’t cooperate on your special day.

Planning your fall and winter wedding

Tip #4: Choose Dresses with Care

When it’s late spring or, worse, the middle of summer, you might not think about how cold those dresses will be when your bridesmaids head outside for pictures–but you’ll certainly be thinking about it when you’re all shivering in chilly winter weather! Choose your dresses and accessories with care. Consider adding a cape or jacket that will help keep everyone warm so you’ll have pictures where everyone is happy and laughing, not shivering to death! Also, choose warm shoes to wear under your dresses. No one can tell what you’re wearing under the dress anyway!

Planning your fall and winter wedding

Tip #5: Consider a Sparkler Send-Off

Your send-off is a big moment, and chances are, you want some great pictures from it. For a fall or winter wedding, this big moment may well fall after dark. Take advantage of the lighting and opt for a sparkler send-off. You’ll get some great images as well as allowing your guests to have plenty of fun during this ceremonial exit.

Your wedding is a day filled with magic. Whether you’re waltzing with your new spouse through a winter wonderland or enjoying the fall foliage on your special day, make sure that you’re prepared for some of the potential challenges that may come your way. These simple tips can help make your day even more amazing.

Planning your fall and winter wedding

Have any other tips for planning your fall and winter wedding? Contact me to possibly be included in a future post!



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    October 3rd, 2018 at 9:39 am

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    October 3rd, 2018 at 11:34 am

    Such great tips, thank you! And I just love your work!

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    October 3rd, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Great tips for winter weddings!

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